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Tile Painting
Bathtub or Sink Refinish / Recolor
Remove old caulk from around entire perimeter of tub, wash tub until absolutely clean, acid etch tub to ensure adhesion between tub & glazing material. Repair chips/remove rust.
Tile Refinish / Recolor
Re-attach loose tile as necessary, wash tile until absolutely clean with acid bath. Regrout tile as necessary; repair holes, cracks and chips.
Fiberglass Tub & Surround Refinish / Recolor
Wash tub until absolutely clean, repair chips / cracks. Wet sand entire fiberglass surface to be refinished to ensure adhesion between glazing material & fiberglass. For fiberglass crack repair, I use marine grade fiberglass repair materials, used to repair boat hulls, to insure long term repair integrity.

After completing the above steps, the entire perimeter of tub or tile to be reglazed is masked off with 12" masking paper to insure that glazing material doesn’t get on any unintended surfaces. Next, a chemical bonding agent is applied to the surface to be reglazed/recolored. The bonding agent creates a molecular bond between the glazing material & the surface to which it is applied. Next, the glazing material, in the color which you choose, is sprayed on with professional grade HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray equipment. HVLP spray equipment is used to achieve high quality sprayed surfaces while reducing the amount of residue (dust) that is created in the spraying process. After the glazing material is sprayed on the tub/tile and allowed to harden, all masking paper is taken down, equipment is removed from your home, and any mess is cleaned up. Lastly, tub is professionally recaulked and is ready for your inspection.

Ceramic Tile Installation / Repair
We will tear out old tile & backer board, if necessary, and dispose of properly. Wall tile installation begins with preparing wall with new water resistant backer board fastened to wall studs with dry wall screws. Then, tile is set in a straight and level fashion using industry standard tile adhesive. Tile is then grouted with high quality, mildew resistant, tile grout. Lastly, we will professionally recaulk as necessary - tile is now ready for your inspection. We take great care in maintaining very close tolerances when cutting tile so as to avoid large gaps in corners and where tile meets a bathtub/shower pan or floor. As always, we will cover bathtub, floor or shower pan to avoid damaging your property.
Tile Painting