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Frequently Asked Questions
Tile Painting
Why should I resurface rather than replace?
Customers use me because my refinishing process creates a great-looking, long-lasting quality finish for as little as 30% or less of the cost of replacement, usually within 1-2 days.
My bathtub wonít come clean. Will this help?
YES! Your bathtub wonít come clean because over time the surface of your tub has worn away exposing a rough surface which traps soap scum and dirt that is hard to remove. When your bathtub is resurfaced by Waugh Refinishing the new coating covers the existing rough surface with a smooth, durable and easy to clean surface.
Can I change the color of my bathtub or tile?
Absolutely! One of the great things about this process is that I can apply virtually any color that you choose.
What about chips, scratches & burn marks?
No problem! I can repair practically any kind of damage to your tub or tile. If I canít repair the damage or if the repair will be more costly than to replace the tub or tile, I will immediately advise you of such.
How long does the process take?
Bathtubs take about 4 hours. Tile may take up to 2 days if there is any loose tile which I will professionally repair. Tile cannot be refinished the same day that it is reattached to the wall because of the moisture in the adhesive and grout Ė which results in an extra day to complete refinishing process.
Is it guaranteed?
YES! I guarantee all my refinishing work for 7 years regarding workmanship and materials. In other words, guarantee covers peeling, cracking and crazing. With good care you can expect many more than 7 years of quality service from your resurfaced tub or tile.
How do I care for it?
Common sense and good maintenance is the key to long life for your newly resurfaced tub or tile. This includes using non-abrasive cleaners, not letting your faucet drip continuously for months on end and not leaving a rubber bath matt on tub bottom indefinitely.
What do I do before you come?
Perform any maintenance such as repairing leaky faucets or installing new drain ring - both tasks should be done by a licensed plumber! Remove soap/shampoo bottles, wash clothes and toys.
Tile Painting